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 “Jumpstart evolution with coral growing sculptures”

Quote: Jelle Rienstra (marine biologist Wageningen University, Netherlands) 

Project BioRocks

We build and design artificial reefs with art sculptures. By adopting the international acknowledged biorock technique and working alongside the co-founding father Dr. Tom J. Goreau ( an electrolyte system is placed on the sculptures generating natural limestone formations on the metal. Closing it off for corrosion and speeding up coral growth up to 5 x faster & making it up to 20 x more resilient against human and natural stress impact. Making it an ideal place to co-exist with the vibrant tourism industry. We invite the tourists in where they can help out, donate and leave the island as (certified) eco-tourist. Now focussed in the Caribbean on the beautiful island of St. Maarten/ St Martin.

We literally jumpstart new coral reefs with art sculptures! 

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Our goals and mission are in compliance with the following Sustainable Development Goals


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