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Meet the Team:

Ronald Duikersloot

Ronald Duikersloot | Project BioRocks Founder

As an artist and entrepreneur for many years I’ve been showing the disruptive side of our economy. Working on post apocalyptic sculptures with statements of revolution, awareness, circular usage and cradle-to-cradle materials. Building hydraulic and pyro show pieces for BurningMan and like minded events and constructing art pieces for interior designers. More recently I’ve been focusing on the positive constructive side of mankind. Projects I like to call “Art That Matters”. So we moved to the Caribbean and whilst adopting the biorock technique and working alongside founding father of this electrified reef technique Dr. Thomas J. Goreau I started Project BioRocks! Where we are now jumpstarting new reefs with under water coral sculptures whilst embracing the billion dollar tourism industry, shifting it towards Eco-tourism.

Contact me directly on | WhatsApp call: +31(0)6 19683125 or +1(721) 5813226


Mick Walvisch | BioRocks Marine Conservation Ambassador

Ocean conservation is vital for preserving life on Earth. However, our oceans face numerous threats, such as overfishing, pollution, and climate change. The increasing awareness of issues such as coral bleaching and plastic pollution has led to a growing desire to protect our oceans. As a Biorocks Marine Conservation Ambassador, my surname “Walvisch” (meaning “Whale” in English) aligns with my purpose & passion for wildlife conservation. I am honored to work with Ronald Duikersloot, the founder of Biorocks, on our first project in Sint Maarten in the Caribbean.

I’m responsible for brand activation, marketing and making connections with those who want to join our amazing project. Do you feel the call? Please contact me:

Arvind Rambhadjan | BioRocks Treasurer

As an St Maarten island native, I’ve spent the last thirty years in the Netherlands, first studying, then building a family and a career in finance. Starting firstly in a highly valued start-up during the height of the bubble, I continued on in mainly governmental and educational sectors as business controller. Travelling back to St Maarten on vacation almost every year, I have seen the seas surrounding our island deteriorate through pollution and mass tourism and am thrilled to be a part of an initiative that aims to turn the tide and impact the island in a positive way.

I’m responsible for financial affairs. Feel free to contact me on any such matters: